Below are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a step tracker. Generally, clip-on style pedometers should be clipped near or around the waist area. They complain the device is too simple and lacking. Keep reading to learn more. This watch is ideal for seniors who are looking to get more active. Let’s face it, if they aren’t simple, they won’t get used! These are the best pedometers and step counters available Meet your fitness goals and lose weight easily by incorporating more walking into your daily life. Thanks again to you and Blair for bringing this to my attention so that I can share it with other people in the same situation. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate Fitness Wristband Realalt 3DTriSport 3D Pedometer Accurate Step Counter This means that you can use the tracker as regularly as possible and in any weather without worrying about damaging it. Considered to be more than a simple pedometer, the Zip tracks the number of steps you make, distance covered and calories burned. Here are my top picks! It is one of the more simple activity trackers for seniors with only basic functions. But what gives it an edge over the other one is that it also stores up to 30 days of your daily records, which helps you track your long-term habits and see how you’re doing on your fitness goals. And, choose a tracker that has minimal steps and buttons for accessing the data. It comes in 4 fun colors to match your personality too! The Alta HR comes with an “always on” heart rate monitor. It is a basic activity tracker plus some basic smart functions. It comes in several colors and there are a ton of 3rd party bands available. It does record both the resting and active heart rate. Thanks. The Akasma Fitness Tracker is loaded with features, including an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and watch. All these devices monitor the number of steps the user takes. Other senior friendly features are the bright and easy to read screen and the fact that it is waterproof. Water and sweat resistant bands are important too because this keeps seniors from having to take them on and off for showers. Many fitness trackers can also monitor heart rate, track sleep and count calories burned – all while being fairly unobtrusive and simple to use. If it needs to be taken off for charging frequently,this gives the user a chance to take it off. Look for one though that also gives gentle reminders if the wearer has been idle. Top 36 Caregiving Blogs to Keep You Sane and Let You Know You Aren’t Alone! Thanks! Like the Garmin model above, you can select which functions the tracker uses and displays. I didn’t focus on the higher level fitness capabilities of these devices. I am not a medical professional and no information on Graying With Grace should be taken over the advice of a medical professional. I looked at nearly 100 different fitness trackers for this article. As we have selected top 10 Best Pedometers 2020 for you guys. These activity trackers are so easy to set up ! If you just want to measure and read the numbers of steps you take during a day, you do not need a device that measures your heart rate, sleeping patterns or the number of storeys you climbed, and then transfers all that data via bluetooth to your smartphone, before transferring it from there into the data cloud and finally presenting it all on a dashboard on your mobile phone! Users praise this company’s customer support system as well if you ever have trouble. The battery can last up to 10 days on a single charge, so you won't need to worry about charging it constantly, which is a nice perk. I live alone and that phone inactivity would mean I was not functioning properly. The Fitbit Inspire HR also comes with over 15 goal-based exercise modes to help you achieve your fitness goals. I have a Garmin vivo smart hr+ and I know it’s missing steps! Studies at the National Institutes of Health have confirmed it. This device is designed to be worn on a lanyard, although you can also clip it to your hip, or even put it in your pocket and it should still count your steps. The sleek styling and thin profile are intentional. Full featured Fitness Tracker and Smart Watch with GPS functionality and super long battery life (45 days). A bit more complicated to use than some of the Fitbit models. I’ve searched the App store, Google, Quora, and the Apple website – nothing! The Amazfit Bip has many of the same great features for seniors that the other activity trackers offer. Prices listed are for comparison only and are not guaranteed. Quite frankly, it just makes sense. Overall, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. SamswoodFired analyzes and compares all pedometer for seniors of 2020. This may require more setup and training, but you'll get access to a whole host of additional information if that interests you. Best Simple Pedometer For Seniors In December 2020. 5-Day Battery Life – The Inspire range comes with an impressive 5-day battery life to keep you going. We may earn commission when you click on or make purchases via links. Naturally thus, there are many things we particularly love about this ideal fitness bracelet for the elderly/Seniors. Hi Scott, thanks for a great review. It is sleek, lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. Furthermore, the heart rate monitoring features allow the tracker to personalize breathing sessions to help you relax that are based on your heart rate. It also uses a 3D tri-axis sensor to track your daily activity with accuracy and consistent performance. This keeps older eyes from struggling to see the results of their activity. The Fitbit Charge 4 is a comprehensive health tracking device that helps you understand your body, intelligently track your activity, and work toward better health. MY DAUGHTER HAS THE OLD FIT BIT THAT YOU PUT IN A DEAL THANKS FOR ALL THE TRACKERS YOU POSTED, Now this is something that I really need. So, do not panic with one or ttwo abnormal readings. You can change the digital watch face to one that suits your tastes, gives you the info you want, or has larger print. This blog is for informational purposes only and posts are based on my personal opinions. Here ae reviews of simpler pedometers that handle the basic activity tracking functions like step counting. Seniors with failing eyesight need to read the numbers easily and without strain. The 3DFitBud is a single-feature device. All rights reserved. Set up to only use the functions the senior cares about. The most important point is ease of use. The device comes in five color options and has dual color bands. 1. About Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS and Graying With Grace, A silent alarm and smart sleep monitoring feature, Syncs with your phone so you can see messages on your watch, Tracks a range of common sporting activities automatically, Built-in GPS for those who like to jog, hike or cycle, GPS struggles to keep up if you are traveling very quickly, The strap needs regular cleaning to prevent damage. If you are interested in automatically tracking simple aspects of your daily exercise and your heart rate, this is a good choice. Subscribe Today for My Weekly Update Emails! #10 OZO Fitness Pedometer SC1 – Best Pedometer for Walking. –Scott. not because I am affiliated with them, but their price point is usually half that of the top brands, but in general seem to offer some decent functionality for the money. I found this because I’m looking for an accurate step counter. As such you never have to worry about forgetting to charge the device, or running out of charge midway through your workout. A common comment from these professionals is that if seniors were more active, their overall health would be better. Waterproof Devices Promote Long Term Wearing of Activity Trackers. Some trackers have different screens you can choose from so you can pick the easiest to read. It’s an admirable goal, and if you are not particularly active in your day to day life then you could certainly benefit from trying to reach it. Xiaomi etc. You can use the Fitbit App or your Fitbit account to check the battery level at any time. 6 Best Cell Phones for Seniors with Dementia, Cooling Blankets for Sweaty Sleepers That Help Night Sweats, 6 Perfectly Sized Lap Blankets For Elderly People, Top Picks: Fitness Trackers and Pedometers for Seniors, 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer, Video Guide: Fitness Trackers and Pedometers for Seniors, Reviews of the Best Activity Trackers for Seniors, Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker, Special Note: Seniors with Shuffling Gait, Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Fitness Tracker for Seniors. This bodes well for the elderly looking for a fitness and heart rate tracker. All-Day Activity Tracking – The Inspire HR has been designed to track every activity you engage in during the day. My research has shown that this is the best Fitbit for seniors who want the Fitbit brand. IP67 is suitable for splashes or in the rain. It tracks steps, distance, calories, rate (miles per hour or kilometers per hour) and exercise time, giving you a slightly more limited but still fairly comprehensive sense of your fitness levels. But, you’ll want to find an activity tracker that is easy to use with large print that is easy to see. Hi Flic! Smaller screen than other models. A small, portable, basic pedometer for seniors with large easy to read screen who just want to count steps. Hi, what a great review, and great discussion! Large, easy to read, customizable screen with Gorilla glass. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. At a time when the economy is not doing a great, better value for money is also on people’s minds too. Personally, I think this one is the best pedometer for seniors. Bright, easy to see screen with backlight option. This would be great for this senior that wants to get into a walking routine. Along with tracking your steps and distance, heart rate, calories, active minutes, floors climbed, hourly activity, and sleep status, it seamlessly connects to your other devices—something that many pedometers are unable to do.

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